Education Insurance


Education Insurance Overview

The purpose of an education insurance policy is to serve as a savings vehicle that may be converted into a lump sum payment to cover your child's university/college tuition. Whether you are present or not, this form of insurance can be utilized to save money for your children's education. Despite the large variety of educational plans available from insurance companies, few people are fully aware of what an educational insurance policy entails.

Our Focus

In Kenya, it is usually a good idea to choose an insurance plan that includes an investing component. This is because it allows the child to increase his or her money while also protecting him or her against an unexpected accident or hospitalization. Getting a policy that is flexible enough to allow you to start with a low-cost premium and then increase it or even pay it all at once is a superb education policy.
Despite the fact that there are numerous education insurance plans available in Kenya, it is always advisable to conduct research in order to obtain a policy that allows one to begin saving for a child's education as soon as feasible. Because the premium payment is spread out over a longer length of time, it will be more affordable.Dovenest Insurance Brokers will ensure you take the right pick