Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) &
Key Terms/Conditions



The Last Expense Umbrella cover is offered to member-families of institutions including Alumni, Chamas, Churches, Investment groups, Saccos by Absa Life Assurance (K) Ltd. through Dovenest Insurance Brokers Ltd for a renewable term of one year and is renewable annually.

  • 1 What is ABSA-DOVENEST Last Expense umbrella cover?
    The ABSA- DOVENEST Last Expense is a group last respect package that pays for funeral expenses arising from natural or accidental death in the insured group.
  • 2 What are the benefits of ABSA-DOVENEST Last Expense?
    There are seven options offered for choice. Under any option of the cover, the policy will pay the prescribed sum assured, God forbid up to five (5) deaths per family per year upon death of the insured and named dependents.
  • 3 How long will I wait before I receive amount claimed?
    Within 48 working hours after receipt and admission of complete and valid claim documentation.
  • 4 Is there cover for the youth to take care of over 25-year-olds?
    Young people aged between 21 to 30 years are given cover on stand-alone basis for discounted premium. This includes orphans and those removed from scheme as dependents on turning age 25 years.
  • 5 What are the entry requirements?
    Corporate Requirements and Leaders’ role:
    o Registration certificate copy
    o Banking details where available and applicable
    o Excel sheet on the prescribed and Provided template summarizing all members by group
    Additionally, members to provide CLEAR Copies of the following MANDATORY documents:
    o Complete proposal form for each member attaching the:
    o Member’s ID or valid Kenyan passport
    o Member’s KRA pin
    o Member spouse’s ID or valid passport
    o ID or valid passport of each Member’s BIOLOGICAL parents & parent/in-laws
    o Member’s children: Birth certificate or notification or Passport or ID (> 18 years) for each child
    o Affidavit of support for any non-biological child(ren) under 25 years
  • 6 Is there a maximum cover for children?
    Yes. The maximum benefit payable in respect to the death of a child aged less than 10 years is Kshs 100,000 according to the Kenyan laws, Insurance Act, CAP 487, Section 96(1), (2).
  • 7 Does policy provide for grief & counselling?
    Yes, One session per family, maximum two per year by Professional counselors on death of a nuclear family member.
  • 8 What happens if a principal member dies?
    The policy remains active with the Spouse, principal’s father, mother, father-in law, mother-in-law, or grown-up child taking over as principal members in that order as long as the policy is paid and active.
  • 9 Can different members take different options?
    Yes, different options can be taken by members of the group but more than 50% will be on uniform limit
  • 10 10) Can members change details during the cover period?
    Yes. A member can make changes to the details of dependents covered to add, delete, or change as necessary by filling out and signing the appropriate forms. For example: Marriage occurring will add spouse and parent(s) in law joining, childbirth, etc. The additional member will be subjected to the applicable waiting period from the date of joining.
  • 11 Where do members send complete application forms to?
    To THEIR Welfare Common e-mail (XXXXXYYY@GMAIL.COM) and copying the Dovenest on info@dovenestinsurance.com
  • 12 What are the eligibility criteria (Years are in Age Next Birthday format)?
    Children: 4mths- 25 years
    Parents & Parents in Law: 31-85 years
    Principal & Spouse: 19-70 years
    There is NO Maximum/exit age, subject to continuous cover renewal.
  • 13 When does the cover start?
    When group reaches a minimum of 10 principal members and others joining later will renew the following year together on the same date
  • 14 Is there waiting period?
    Yes. 1 month for nucleus family and 3 months for parents and parents in law from the date of submission and payment. On policy renewal, the full premium should be paid within 30 days of cover renewal.
  • 15 Does the policy lapse after making a claim?
    The policy will pay up to 5 claims without reinstatement per family per year. This is the maximum possible number of claims per year per family.
  • 16 What is the claims process?
    Claims are paid within 48 working hours after receipt and admission of complete and valid claim documentation.
    Eligible claimant payee will be the Principal, Spouse, Child >=18years, Parent, Welfare Group, or a Legal administrator respectively
    (a) Report to the Welfare Admistrator the unfortunate death then,
    (b) Download or collect claim form from your Administrator or websites of Dovenest Brokers
    (c) File Notification of Death through a duly filled claim form
    (d) Welfare/Group leader’s verification signature/stamp & statement is required on the form
    (e) Certified/Stamped Burial permit (by issuing hospital) or Death Certificate to be attached
    (f) Attach Deceased’s identification document (ID, Birth Certificate, Passport)
    (g) Attach National ID/Passport of member/claimant
    (h) Attach Proof of Bank details of claimant
    (i) Attach Police abstract for accidental/crime-related deaths
    (j) E-mail the complete claim papers to info@dovenestinsurance.com and copy the welfare E-mail
    (k) Provide place and time for Counselling therapy session for nuclear family loss of member
  • 17 What are the applicable Exclusions?
    Risk covered arising directly or indirectly or traceable to any of the following events are excluded.
    1. Breach of any criminal law by insured or anyone acting on his/her behalf or with your permission or knowledge or by anyone claiming a benefit under this Policy
    2. Self-inflicted injury or attempted suicide within the waiting period or reinstatement of the policy
    3. Driving a motor vehicle while over the legal alcohol limit.
    4. Intake of illegal drugs or alcohol
    5. Active and willful participation in war, civil commotion, riot, terrorist activity, or rebellion
    6. Radioactivity or nuclear explosion
    Policy does not Exclude: Political Violence and Terrorism Extension, AIDS/HIV and suicide subject to waiting periods applicable.
  • 18 Do members get any document to confirm membership?
    Members will get annual certificates showing covered persons and premiums paid with cover summary. The master policy is issued to the Insurance Broker.
  • 19 Should I take this cover if I have existing cover elsewhere (including my employer’s)?
    Yes, one can take as many covers as possible until the maximum limit of the insurer of Kes 1m under Absa Life Assurance Kenya. The cover is not subject to Indemnity Principle of insurance. This cover will pay the promised amount of money in exchange for a premium on the death of the member or the named and admitted dependent for the period of one year.
    It will also pay for any/all parent(s) named multiple times by siblings subject to Kes 1 million.